What is Skype Counselling?

Skype counselling has revolutionised therapy because modern technology is changing the way we communicate. With Skype counselling, choosing a therapist is not limited to your geographic location, you may choose a therapist from almost anywhere in the world.

For several years, I have used Skype to provide therapy around the world to countries such as;

United Kingdom,
United States of America,
Republic of South Africa,

Although nothing can replace traditional face-to-face therapy, Skype counselling has made therapy accessible to everyone, anywhere.

Skype counselling may be useful to clients who live in countries where therapy in their preferred language is not readily available, or for clients who prefer the privacy of therapy from their own homes. Skype counselling is also invaluable to people who are disabled or housebound, allowing he/she access to counselling and psychotherapy without the need to travel. Clients are often surprised how comfortable they feel and find themselves more able to ‘open up’, and share personal details because they feel safer and more relaxed in their own home.

Using the free Skype software, therapists and clients can be linked together all over the world. Whilst not replacing traditional face-to-face counselling for those who prefer this (indeed many therapists continue to meet local clients personally), there are many benefits to Skype.

Skype counselling also gives you access to a therapist from outside your local area. It makes it so much more likely that you will find a therapist who you feel you can relate to, or who has a particular approach, style or experience.

It has been proven that it does not really matter what style of counselling is used, the main factor affecting the success of counselling is whether the client can identify with, relates to, get on well with or just plainly likes the therapist.

This ‘therapeutic relationship’, as it is known, will obviously have a far better chance of being successful when the client has a wider selection of counsellors to choose. Whether it is for individual, couples or family counselling, the era of Skype counselling is here and its usage will only increase because it offers so many advantages.

The only area I will not be able to provide Skype counselling are to those who are currently experiencing suicidal ideation. This is because the geographical distance will limit my ability to ensure the client’s safeness. Nonetheless, should this apply to you, I urge you to seek medical or psychiatric attention immediately so that you can get the necessary support and assistance.

As mentioned earlier, Skype is a free software that enables people to make free phone and video calls to each other using their computers, a web camera and an Internet connection.

If you do not already have Skype installed, it is very easy. Just go to ww.skype.com and download and install the appropriate version for your computer (for example PC or Mac), and follow their simple instructions.

Once you have installed Skype, choose a Skype user name, check that your web cam is working and are generally familiar with the controls, then you are ready to commence Skype therapy.

My Skype name is dr.v.silivistris

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