Human Givens Approach to Therapy

ian 2The Human Givens approach offers fast, effective, practical therapy to relieve emotional distress and help you to move on with your life as quickly as possible.

What are the Human Givens?
The Human Givens are the needs and resources that we are all born with. They include our essential physical and emotional needs, plus all the innate resources to help us fulfil these needs. Using our innate resources properly to get our needs met allows us to thrive rather than just survive. In addition to our basic physical need for food/water/warmth and shelter, we have some essential emotional needs, including the need for:

security: a safe environment living without fear,
volition: a sense of autonomy/control over what happens to us and around us,
attention: both receiving it and also giving it to others
emotional connection to other people through friendship/kinship/love, intimacy,
connected to the wider community: to be part of something larger than we are,
a sense of status: being accepted/valued within the groups (work/social/family) that we belong to,
privacy: time/space enough to reflect on and consolidate our experiences,
a sense of our own competence/achievements: gained through endeavour and learning.

Our innate human resources include:

rationale/logic: (left brain),
intuition/creativity: (right brain),
imagination: problem solving by being more creative and objective,
memory: which enables us to learn and add to our innate knowledge,
self-awareness: our observing self is the part of us that can step back and be more objective,
a dreaming brain: that metaphorically defuses emotional arousal from the day before and clears our minds for the day ahead,
emotional understanding through metaphor and stories,
resilience/curiosity: our fundamental instincts to survive adversity so as to thrive as an individual, and finally,
having empathy.

How does Human Givens Therapy help?
Emotional distress can manifest itself in many different ways,

such as depression,
compulsive behaviour,
eating disorders,

All of us have the ability to heal, given the right type of help.
It is becoming increasingly apparent that the correct type of psychotherapy/counselling can be far more effective than drug therapy.
Human Givens therapy is effective because it draws on the up to date research findings from psychology and neurobiology about how people really function and on international research, studies that have established which counselling techniques are most effective.
Human Givens Therapists do not waste time endlessly asking you to go over and analyse the past, or attempting to dredge up real or imagined miserable memories. Research now shows this tends to confuse and upset people, and embed the memories more deeply, giving them more power over the present. However, we do listen to your story carefully to understand what has happened and what you want to change. We offer practical help that deals with mental and emotional distress in the here and now.

A Human Givens Therapist can help you by:

Ensuring that you start to feel better immediately.
Offering practical techniques to deal with mental/emotional distress.
Utilising knowledge from your past to help you move on, rather than dwelling on it endlessly.
Teaching you how to relax so that you can deal better with life’s challenges.
Helping you to identify areas where your needs are not being met.
Working out realistic/achievable goals for you.
Agreeing on the best strategies for you to use to achieve your goals.
Enabling you to use and develop your own resources.
Helping you to develop valuable life skills where this will enable you to make fundamental changes in your life.

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